BBB CYCLING Bottom Fit BB30-29 DUB Bottom Bracket

BBB CYCLING Bottom Fit BB30-29 DUB Bottom Bracket


BBB Cycling

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Get the BBB Cycling BBO-30-29 DUB bottom bracket

Nothing feels better than a smooth-rolling bike. The crankset is one of the most important elements for keeping your bike smooth and quiet. The BottomFit PF30-29 DUB is a high-end bottom bracket. Durable, high-quality materials have been used in its manufacture, so that it will keep your bike rolling forever!

The BBO 30-29 DUB bottom bracket in detail:

  • Allows you to install DUB cranksets on BB30 cases without an adapter
  • Easy to install threaded design
  • Self-aligning bearings for extended life
  • Fully CNC machined
  • 6805 chrome steel bearings
  • Wave washers included


  • Black color
  • Parts materials: 6061 Aluminum T6
  • Bearing material: CrMo
  • Bottom bracket diameter: 42mm
  • Bottom bracket type: BB30 - Direct fit 30
  • Bottom bracket width: 68.73mm
  • Bottom bracket diameter: 29mm

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