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Get the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt Bundle GPS Computer with Heart Monitor, Speed ​​Sensor and Cadence Sensor.

Intelligent navigation system - Easy to install and use - Rechargeable via USB port.

The ELEMNT BOLT BUNDLE V2 GPS bike computer is designed by WAHOO to provide a simple, intuitive riding experience in a sleek, aerodynamic design. Barely larger than its predecessor, it has the same navigation and routing features as its big brother ROAM!
And with the Bundle version, the BOLT V2 is directly accompanied by the quality WAHOO TICKR 2 heart rate belt for precise heart rate measurement and the set of reliable WAHOO RPM speed and cadence sensors.

The BOLT V2 has a 2.2-inch, 64-color display with an ambient light sensor, which lets you capture key metrics at a glance. Perfect View Zoom, Quicklook LED and adaptable data pages allow you to customize your device's configuration. Equipped with 16 GB memory and navigation functions directly on the device, the ELEMNT BOLT V2 model can store a large number of maps and routes. So you always have the map material you need for your particular region on your device. Recalculation of the route during operation is also possible without any problems.
The BOLT has a battery life of up to 15 hours and can also be recharged while driving, for example via a compatible power bank, thanks to USB-C charging. Equipped with Bluetooth Smart, ANT+ and WiFi technologies, it also combines directly with all your cycling sensors and complementary devices to get the most out of your training.

Wahoo ELEMNT computers are used by some of the world's best cyclists and triathletes.

The Wahoo Elemnt Bolt Bundle Meter in detail:

  • A UNIFIED FRONT: Wahoo was the first to develop a computer and binding that work together, creating a truly aerodynamic bike computer. Fully integrated ELEMNT BOLT provides a streamlined platform to reduce drag and its exterior design puts your performance first.
  • EASY-TO-FIND BUTTONS: ELEMNT BOLT features three touch-sensitive top convex buttons. Their positioning and tactile feel allow you to easily locate them and switch between workout screens, even when wearing gloves, so you spend less time looking down and more time looking up. concentrate on your journey.
  • SMOOTH TRANSITION: Multi-sport transfer automatically tracks and shares real-time bike segmentation time between the ELEMNT BOLT bike computer and the ELEMNT RIVAL sports watch . Triathletes can now stay focused on the task at hand, which is their performance on race day.
  • TRAIN WITH A PURPOSE: ELEMNT BOLT is fully integrated with TrainerRoad, TrainingPeaks and Today's Plan. Quickly find training programs and execute structured workouts that you can do outdoors or indoors, on any Wahoo smart trainer. Your training data is always automatically sent back to the apps, making it easier to set, track and achieve your performance goals.
  • EXPLORE MORE: With 16GB of onboard storage, you have the ability to store more maps, more running courses and more routes, allowing you to prioritize your training needs, not the storage needs of your bike computer.
  • COLOR WHERE IT MUST: A vibrant, high-contrast 64-color display uses selective highlight color on customizable, easy-to-read graphs and charts to give you critical route and performance data from a just a glance.
  • FOCUSED EFFORT: With PerfectView Zoom™, ELEMNT BOLT makes it easy to focus on the specific journey metrics that are most important to you, making it easier to optimize each journey.
  • AMBIENT LIGHT SENSOR: Even when you're cycling in low light conditions, your data is easy to see with the ELEMNT BOLT's ambient light sensor, so you can continue training regardless of the conditions.
  • QUICKLOOK LEDS: ELEMNT BOLT features programmable LED indicators and offers a better way to follow routes, track performance and stay connected, in the blink of an eye.
  • PAN & ZOOM: Pan or zoom the map screen on your ELEMNT BOLT. Easily find your way on the map or discover the road less traveled with the ability to move left, right, up and down on the map, whether a route is used or not.
  • INCLUDES WORLD MAPS: Preloaded with maps of North America, Europe and Australia. Maps of Russia, Asia and Africa can be downloaded using Wi-Fi via the companion ELEMNT app.
  • DETAILED ON-DEVICE NAVIGATION: The ELEMNT BOLT device will automatically generate “Turn by Turn” directions for each course and file type including GPX, TCX files and courses imported from Strava, Ride With GPS and Komoot. Top LEDs and audible signals let you know at a glance when your next turn is or if you're no longer on the correct route.
  • TAKE ME TO (ON-DEMAND ROUTE GENERATION): Take Me To lets you create a route using “Turn by Turn” directions by simply selecting a location directly on the route's map page. ELEMNT BOLT, using pan and zoom or selecting one of your saved locations. In the companion ELEMNT app, enter a destination, address or point of interest and generate a route with “Turn by Turn” directions and sync it to the ELEMNT BOLT via Bluetooth.
  • EDIT ROUTE: Directly on ELEMNT BOLT or in the associated ELEMNT app, selecting “Retrace Route” will give you “Turn by Turn” directions to return to the starting point of your route by taking the reverse path.
  • SAVED LOCATIONS: Save your favorite locations directly on the ELEMNT BOLT or in the companion ELEMNT app, to easily generate a route on the go and get “Turn by Turn” directions to your favorite locations
  • GET ME STARTED: Get Me Started is an in-device navigation feature that will provide you with “Turn by Turn” directions to the starting point of your route. When selected, ELEMNT BOLT creates a route especially for you. Just follow the blue chevrons, they will turn black when you rejoin your course
  • BACK ON TRACK: Back on Track is an in-device navigation feature that will redirect you using “Turn by Turn” directions. If you take a wrong path or deviate from your route, the ELEMNT BOLT will display blue chevrons that will redirect you back on your route; the chevrons will turn black when you find your way back.
  • START OF ROUTE (SHORTEST WAY): Route to Start is an in-device navigation feature that finds the shortest route back to the start of your route and creates “Turn by Turn” directions . No need to follow the same route back!
  • AUTOMATIC FITNESS AND ROUTE UPLOADS: Once synced with compatible accounts (Strava, Ride With GPS, Best Bike Split, Komoot, GPS, Best Bike Split, Komoot, MTB Project, SingleTracks), your saved routes will be downloaded automatically and wirelessly to ELEMNT BOLT. Completed courses will be automatically uploaded to all authorized third-party accounts.
  • ROUTE SYNCHRONIZATION VIA BLUETOOTH: Route synchronization can be done via Bluetooth! Automatically send any route to ELEMNT BOLT from your smartphone using the ELEMNT companion app.

The Wahoo Tickr Heart Monitor in details:

  • INTEGRATED CHEST STRAP DESIGN: The TICKR's integrated sensor and strap design allows for a more secure connection and a more secure fit to prevent slipping and shifting during training.
  • THIN AND LIGHTWEIGHT HEART RATE SENSOR MOUNT: At 48g (1.7oz) and 12.01mm thick, the TICKR is one of the lightest and thinnest heart rate monitor and strap combinations in the world. market, not to mention the comfort during use!
  • MULTIPLE SIMULTANEOUS BLUETOOTH CONNECTIONS: TICKR supports up to three simultaneous Bluetooth connections to start your physical activities without connectivity concerns.
  • TOP SCREEN LED INDICATORS: Two LED indicators indicate visual confirmation of TICKR connection status via Bluetooth and/or ANT+: searching for a connection (slow flashing blue light), connecting (fast flashing blue light) and heart rate reading (flashing red based on current beats per minute).
  • BLUETOOTH AND ANT+ DUAL-BAND TECHNOLOGY: ANT+ and Bluetooth functionality enable wireless connection to smartphones and GPS devices simultaneously or separately.
  • REAL-TIME TRACKING OF HEART RATE, CALORIES AND DURATION OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES: TICKR measures essential parameters of physical activities, including heart rate, calories burned and duration of physical activities, in real time using the Wahoo app Fitness. These measurements can also be sent to compatible third-party applications that track these measurements.
  • FRONT SENSOR AND STRAP CONNECTION: The front connection of the TICKR sensor and strap allows you to gear up and go quickly. You don't need to struggle to place the snaps and hooks on the side.
  • BUTTON-SIZE BATTERY: Includes a button-type battery that lasts more than 500 hours of physical activity.
  • STRAP MADE WITH HIGH-PERFORMANCE MATERIALS: Made from advanced performance materials, the TICKR strap is designed to fit comfortably across the chest, while remaining secure during intense activity.
  • CONNECT TO APPLE WATCH AND APPLE TV: Connect directly via Bluetooth to your Apple Watch or Apple TV to collect heart rate data during exercise.

The Wahoo Speed ​​RPM Bike Speed ​​Sensor in detail:

  • DUAL-BAND TECHNOLOGY: ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart connectivity allow wireless connection to smartphones and bike computers.
  • WIRELESS CONNECTION: No wires get tangled on your bike to connect the sensor to your device.
  • WITHOUT MAGNET: The RPM speed sensor is easily installed without a magnet.
  • AN ELEGANT AND LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: It weighs only 16.5 grams without including the support.
  • SPEED MEASUREMENT: Provides accurate speed data during your ride
  • HUB HOLDER: Attaches to most front wheel hubs with a sturdy silicone housing
  • VISIBLE CONNECTION: Two LED lights indicate sensor connection to device (blue) and speed detection (red)
  • REPLACEABLE BATTERY: No need to charge! Operates using a button battery with a lifespan of up to one year.
  • UNIVERSAL SIZE: The RPM Speed ​​will fit most bikes and frame sizes

The Wahoo Cadence RPM Bike Cadence Sensor in detail:

  • DUAL-BAND TECHNOLOGY: ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart connectivity allow wireless connection to smartphones and bike computers.
  • WIRELESS CONNECTION: No wires get tangled on your bike to connect the sensor to your device.
  • AN ELEGANT AND LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: It weighs only 7 grams!
  • CADENCE MEASUREMENT: Provides accurate cadence data during your ride
  • PELOTON IOS COMPATIBILITY: RPM CADENCE easily pairs with the Peloton Digital iOS app via Bluetooth to get real-time cadence data during your spin workouts.
  • TWO BIKE MOUNT OPTIONS: (1) support with double-sided 3M tape or (2) use the silicone sleeve and secure with zip ties.
  • SHOE ATTACHMENT OPTION: The RPM sensor can be worn on the shoe for spin classes or used with multiple bikes
  • VISIBLE CONNECTION: Two LEDs indicate device sensor connection (blue) and cadence detection (red)
  • REPLACEABLE BATTERY: No need to charge! Operates using a button battery with a lifespan of up to one year.
  • UNIVERSAL SIZE: The RPM Speed ​​will fit most bikes and frame sizes

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