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Opt for the WAHOO SPEEDPLAY Nano round pedals for your road bike!

The Speedplay Nano Pedal is a lightweight, double-sided road pedal designed to meet the demands of sprints, steep climbs and tough workouts. The mix of high-quality titanium and carbon fiber materials results in a lightweight yet stable pedal that doesn't give up during breakaway attempts and delivers speed. The integrated cleat system with 3-axis adjustment allows precise adjustment for optimized biometrics and increased power transfer.

Wahoo Speedplay pedals have been used by the EF Education-Nippo professional cycling team since 2020 

The Speedplay Nano Pedal in detail:

  • Weight: 168 g per pair
  • Double-sided input: The symmetrical form factor of the Speedplay Nano pedals provides a double-sided input to fit your pedals. No more fumbling, fidgeting or kicking the pedal; take off when the light turns green and easily put on your pedals.
  • Best Capacity on the Market: Thin, rubber shoe cleats create added stability when walking next to your bike in your road shoes.
  • 3-Axis Cleat Adjustment: Standard tension shoe cleats can be positioned on the bottom of the shoe and adjusted front to back, left to right and rotatable, allowing 0-15 float degrees
  • Optimized Biomechanics: The 3-axis adjustment and slim frame height of the Speedplay advanced pedal system allows the rider to customize their fit on the bike with the widest range of options available. The lower frame height can allow for increased power transfer and a reduced saddle height, reducing drag.
  • Rotational Free Float: Speedplay pedals allow up to 15 degrees of float, allowing the heel to rotate around the center of the pedal. This range of motion in the foot, lower leg and knee increases comfort and improves pedal efficiency.
  • Superior Cornering Clearance: The slim profile of the Speedplay Advanced Pedal System allows for the greatest degree of lean on the bike when riding tight corners. Pedal with confidence knowing your pedal won't hit the ground and leave the competition in the dust.
  • Standard Tension Shoe Cleats Included: Speedplay Nano pedals include a set of standard tension shoe cleats and shoe cleat contours for the most aerodynamic profile and walking system.
  • Compatible with easy-tension shoe cleats: The Speedplay advanced pedal system is compatible with cross-over shoe cleats. Purchase Easy Tension Shoe Cleats, sold separately, for less resistance when taking off your shoes.

Complete the purchase of your pedals with a pair of Wahoo Speedplay cleats in Easy Tension or Standart Tension versions

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