Apidura Backcountry Rear Top Tube Pack 1L

Apidura Backcountry Rear Top Tube Pack 1L



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Go on an adventure with the Apidura Backcountry Rear Top Tube Pack 1L bag!

The Backcountry Rear Top Tube 1 Liter Pannier provides convenient space for storing frequently used items and adding extra storage to bikes with limited space for bags.

The rear top tube bag is designed for modern geometries and fits the rear of the top tube better than simply flipping a Backcountry top tube pack. It's ideal for storing snacks, tools and anything else you want within easy reach and securely attached to the top tube and seat post with Hypalon-reinforced velcro straps that minimize abrasion

A one-finger zipper pull allows easy access to the mountain bike's rear top tube bag while on the go, while the fully waterproof full-length zipper protects contents from water and dirt when riding. it's closed. The bag is also padded with closed-cell foam to protect items from impact and has an internal anti-shock mesh pocket for small items.

The Apidura Bikepacking Bag in detail:

  • Fully waterproof zipper
  • Interior anti-shock mesh pocket
  • One-finger zipper pulls for easy access
  • Reflective graphics for better visibility
  • Ultra-durable and lightweight body fabric

Complete your order with a Saddle Bag and a Handlebar Bag from the Apidura brand!

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